We enter a team into the local monday night darts, dominoe`s and 5&3's league.

New players are always welcome.

New  season starts on monday 3rd sept       away to the Scout  hut 


          03/09/08      AWAY      SCOUT  HUT

          10/09/07      HOME      RED  LION

          17/09/07      AWAY      NAVY  ( A )

          24/09/07      HOME      R.A.F.A.

          01/10/07      AWAY      LEGION

          08/10/07      HOME      ROYAL  HOTEL

          15/10/07      AWAY      OAK TREE

          22/10/07      HOME      SOUTHERNE

          29/10/07      AWAY      NAVY  ( B )         

The Turbinia operates a zero tolerance on drugs.
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